The exchange is built on an innovative and groundbreaking technology that facilitates inter-blockchain transfer of crypto assets. We bring the most unique features to the decentralized exchange world like low fees, fast transaction and a wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The platform ensures a high level of security with robust smart contracts implemented by experienced professionals.

BankDex isauniquedecentralizedexchangeprovidingalltypeofcurrency exchanges including crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto.
Nowadays, many decentralized exchanges suffer from some defects such as complicated UI, low speed and etc.
We are proud to introduce an unparalleled exchange in which users can easily trade without such problems.
June 2019
Launch ICO
First platform features development
July 2019
BankDex is also planning to offer some interes
services such as crea an
“Beta” version of the first product BankDex
various f
High and improved level of security
The underlying Blockchain technology and also special mechanisms of BankDex helps in making tr fer which results in more sa f s.
A simple, easy to use and highly inter e UI
In general, decentralized exchanges do not support users through easy to use environment to trade. Our exchange designed by a group of professionals will create totally enjoyable
tr or beginners.
High speed of Tr
It's well-known that centralized exchanges usually offer faster tr
ompared to ades through
decentralized ones.
What's noteworthy about us is our excep decentralized manner.
Low trading fee (Almost free)
Many crypto enthusiasts usually complain about high fee for exchanges through lots of crypto exchanges. From the very beginning of the project, we were dedicated to provide a very low fee which is almost free in order to provide more sa fying tr or dear users.
10% Company Lockup
Bounty & Bonus Tokens
Lockup 2 month
Free Cancella
BankDex enables immediate cancella
Unlimited Withdrawals
of tr
at zero charge.
BankDex supports scalability with the provision to trade more coins and assets in the future.
Simulator Exchange
BankDex includes simulator exchange that helps to improve trading without risking real money.
Account Recovery
In case of a lost account, BankDex has the built-in provision to enable account recovery to a new device.
Unparalleled Transparency
BankDex offers unparalleled transparency by storing all deposits, order books and withdrawals on the blockchain.
Peer to Peer architecture
BankDex in built on a peer to peer architecture without the involvement from any third party APIs.
to be carried out without the need of registra
BankDex decentralized exchange does not set a limit on the number of withdrawals to be carried out.
allet support
BankDex offers seamless integra wallets including hardware and
Free Tr
BankDex allows free trading, without any fees for the first 90 days. period, it imposes a nominal fee of 0/003 USD.
with different types of cryptocurrency are wallet.
Wallet to Wallet Trade
BankDex enables wallet to wallet tr smart contract in place.
It's noteworthy that SAM is known as Utility Token, and hence our team are trying their best to provide a variety of user-friendly utilities in the future. Currently, there are two interesting avail- able utilities for SAM holders. Below, you will find a generaliza- tion of available utilities:
1- All users who keep our tokens in their accounts from 5 to 12 months will benefit from some specified additional interest rates allocated to them.
2- All users having SAM balance on their wallet will also benefit from free transactions in the BankDex exchange.
Details to above-mentioned utilities are accessible in our WP
with a powerful blockchain
er the
No Registra
BankDex enables tr or admin confirma
and so on.
per second based on decentralized manner will
a e wallet
Moreover, one million tr
definitely amaze you. Be ready to enter a fully secure exchange called BankDex.


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White Paper

ICO information

Start Date
2019-06-24 00:00:00
End Date
2019-10-23 23:55:00
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
6,500,000 USD
Initial Price
0.02 USD = 1.0 SAM
Token Supply


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